Central Ohio's proximity to large population centers make it a primary site for distribution centers.

Igel has vast experience building these large warehouse distribution centers. We work around factories, transportation hubs, and power plants to complete projects in the midst of our customer's operations, working with them to keep disruptions at a minimum. We frequently work with design teams to value engineer the site to build the most constructible site.

The industrial community has come to know Igel as a team that will give them realistic suggestions for their projects.

We can design and build turnkey industrial machine pits, self performing sheeting, excavation and concrete.

  • 2014_35
  • Target
  • Andersons Greenfield Ethanol plant
  • Avon
  • Build-A-Bear construction
  • Build-A-Bear 2
  • Nationwide cooling towers
  • Nationwide Data Center
  • Target distribution center
  • 2014_47


  • Abercrombie & Fitch
    Office Campus | Distribution Center
  • Anhueser-Busch Brewery
    Factory Expansion
  • Build-A-Bear
    Distribution Warehouse
  • Citi Bank Data Center
    Site Development | 250,000 cy
  • Nationwide
    Data Center Cooling Tower
  • Target Distribution Center
    100 acre Site Development | $7.5 Million
  • The Andersons Greenville Ethanol Plant
    Site Development | Utilities